Isle of Wight Revisited Volume 2


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The Isle of Wight Revisited Volume Two. Compiled by Colin Fairweather and Alan Stroud. 

This is the second volume of Isle of Wight Revisited.  The first appeared in 2005 and went on to sell 2000 copies.  Since then the authors have managed to obtain even more glass plate negatives of the Island at the turn of the last century.  As in the first volume, every photograph has been produced by scanning the original glass negative from our collection of nearly 900, or in a handful of cases by scanning a positive lantern slide.  There are no copies of photographs in this book.  The plates that appeared in the first volume were, for the most part from unknown photographers apart from the work of William Hogg of Ryde, who had taken thousands of photographs to be produced as postcards.

In this volume some of the photographers are known.  They include the photographers and postcard producers Toogood and Marfleet who between them took thousands of photographs of the West Wight; the County Press, whose photographs in this book were used in the paper during the 1920’s and 30’s, and Hughes & Mullins, portrait and studio photographers of Ryde.

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