Walk! The Isle of Wight by Martin Simons


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Walk the Isle of Wight, by Martin Simons.

The Isle of Wight is different, almost a step back in time, with a slower pace and more relaxed way of life.  A fantastic variety of beautiful and varied scenery,  is crammed into the Island, which measures only 23 miles by 13 miles.

The Island offers formidable hills, towering cliffs, river valleys, marshes, rich farmland, a variety of woodlands, prehistoric burial mounds, ancient churches, attractive villages, and a wealth of inns and pubs.  Criss-crossed by over 500 miles of footpaths and bridleways, as well as additional paths across access land, it also boasts nature reserves, forests, and the most spectacular beaches in the south of England.  Small wonder then, that the Island is one of the best walking venues in England, and no accident that it is the home to the UK’s biggest walking festival, perfect, as it is, for a day trip walking expedition from the mainland. 1:30 000 scale.

Each walk has a walking route summary, ratings for effort, time, distance, ascents/descents, refreshments and vertigo risk.  Fully detailed walk description, including frequent timings to aid navigation and check your progress.  GPS Waypoints at every key point on every route (subject to reception) plus short walk and long stroll alternatives for many of the routes.

Published by Discovery Walking Guides Ltd.


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