The Little Book of the Isle of Wight


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Did you know?  After the Civil War, a fine was imposed on Newport parents who allowed their children to play on a Sunday.  Darwin began his world-famous book, On the Origin of the Species, while staying at the Kings Head Hotel.  There are twenty-one tourists to every Island resident.  The Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society recommended the Island an ideal place ‘weakly, scrofulous children’.  The Little Book of the Isle of Wight is a funny, fast-paced compendium of the sort of frivolous, fantastic or simply strange information which no one will want to be without.  The Island’s most eccentric inhabitants, blood curdling murders and literally hundreds of facts combine to make this required reading for locals and visitors alike.  illustrated with humorous cartoons and delivered with wit and flair, this captivating title is almost impossible to put down.  Written by Jan Toms, published by the History Press.


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