People Who Made Island History Greening


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People Who Made Island History by Brian Greening

This book looks at stories taken from the old newspapers of island life back as far as 1780 up to the end of  the reign of Queen Victoria and a little beyond.  A time of press gangs, cruelty in the courts when capital punishment could be the sentence for any one of two hundred crimes and when men and women were sent to Australia for life for trivial offences.

It was a time of great changes in transport with the introduction of the railways and tells of the heated discussions that took place with the aristocracy, who tried to ensure the Island was not turned into a ‘hot cross bun,’ with the eye sore of railway lines criss-crossing the Island.

It encompassed periods of building of new houses to replace the slums that existed and the building of many of the churches that exist to this very day.

A time when horses were the main means of transport and when our Islands roads system was developed.  Above all it is about the people who breathed the Island’s air.

Published by Brian Greening.


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