Discovering Domesday Wight – John Medland


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Discovering Domesday Wight by J. C. Medland.

Here for the first time in a single volume in English are the Isle of Wight entries of the Domesday Book of 1086.

“The Domesday book is like a flashlight photographic exposure of the landholding, population settlement and economic productivity of England almost a thousand years ago” writes Island historian J.C. Medland.

He summarises the complex Island entries for Domesday and sets their dry statistics into the context of the Island’s geography, archaeology and Anglo-Saxon history.

This book claims a “perhaps 95% accuracy in placing the Domesday entries in the modern landscape of the Isle of Wight”.

The text is fully illustrated with detailed maps and illustrations from the contemporary Bayeux Tapestry.

Published by J.C. Medland.


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